Latest Orders Guidelines

Different types of orders and guidelines etc. issued from Govt. and this Directorate from time to time regarding maintenance of discipline, enrollment, re-enrollment of Home Guards etc. are as mentioned below :-
sl no Order regarding Order Number Download
1 Declaration of Home Guards as auxiliary Fire Force Vide the Odisha Gazette Extra Ordinary No. 1660/dtd. 29.08.2013. PDF icon (1) 9347- Home Guards as auxiliary Fire Force.pdf
2 10% reservation of notified vacancies in the rank of Constable in each district for Home Guards in each recruitment. Vide Govt. of Odisha Home Deptt. notification No. 57063/D&A dtd. 23.12.2010. PDF icon (2) 57063, dtd. 23.12.2010.pdf
3 DCA ( Duty Call up Allowance) of HGs was enhanced to Rs.300/- per day. Vide Govt. of Odisha Home (CD) Department letter No. 97/CD dtd. 01.01.2018. PDF icon (3) 97- Revision of DCA.pdf
4 Compassionate grant admissible to Home Guard in case of their death/ injury while on duty. Finance Department Resolution No. 27826/F dtd. 21.06.2010. PDF icon (12) 27826-Revision of Compassionate Grant.pdf
5 Disposal of grievance petitions of Home Guards in connection with their dismissal and re-appointment. Home Guard Circular Order No.1/2017 dtd.12.12.2017.
6 Repeal of Circular Order No. 24/2016 regarding keeping of 1% vacancies unfilled in the rank of Home Guards. Home Guard Circular Order No.1/2018 dtd.07.02.2018.
7 Procedure of Enrollment / Re-Enrollment of Home Guards. Home Guard Circular Order No.2/2018 dtd.10.04.2018.
8 Disposal of appeal petitions of HGs / Ex.HGs by Dy. Commandant General, Home Guards. Home Guard Circular Order No.3/2018 dtd.22.05.2018.
9 Provision of submission of check list to be submitted by Commandant Home Guards at the time of approval of Enrollment Board. Home Guard Circular Order No.4/2018 dtd.04.10.2018.
10 Benefit of Compassionate Grant to the Police personnel / Home Guards of the State Government who become “operational casualties” caused by factors such as snake bite, elephant attack, electrocution, malaria, accidents and such other hazards during the cou Govt. of Odisha Finance Deptt. Resolution No. 2860/F, dtd. 02.02.2018. PDF icon (15) Resolution No. 2860.pdf
11 Revision of Compassionate Grant allowed to the State Government employees / personnel / Home Guards who are victims of LWE violence. Govt. of Odisha Finance Deptt. Resolution No. 17772/F, dtd. 06.06.2017. PDF icon (14) Resolution No. 17772.pdf
12 Application for compassionate grant to the family of the deceased Government Servant. FORM – I, See Rule 6(2) (a) PDF icon (13) Form -I.pdf
13 Stoppage of requirement against vacant post of Home Guards and abolition of existing vacancies. Govt. of Odisha Home Deptt. letter No. 8852/D&A dtd. 22.02.2020. PDF icon (4) 8852-D&A, 22.02.2020.pdf
14 Enhancement of Daily Allowance of HGs Volunteers during their training period outside the State. Govt. of Odisha Home Deptt. letter No. 1121/CD dtd. 21.09.2012 PDF icon (5) 1121-CD-21.09.2012.pdf
15 Travel Expenses for professional training of HGs and CD Volunteers outside State. Govt. of Odisha Home Deptt. letter No. 1425/CD dtd. 28.08.2004. PDF icon (6) 1425-CD-28.08.2004.pdf