Observance of “Raising Day”

Civil Defence organization is functioning in the country with the enactment of Civil Defence Act, 1968 and has been playing a vital role for war emergencies. With the amendment of the Act in the year 2009 “Disaster Management” is included as an additional role of Civil Defence Corps. Civil Defence plays a stellar role in the field of public awareness and community capacity building to face both natural and manmade disasters.    

In order to inculcate esprit-de-corps among the members of the organization and to highlights the role of organization before general public, celebration of Home Guards and Civil Defence Annual-cum-Raising day is observed throughout the country on the 6th December every year in a befitting manner to keep the volunteer motivated to render their remarkable services for well-being of the society as well as the nation with great enthusiasm and interest. Suitable programmes are drawn up on the occasion of Raising Day which includes ceremonial parade, demonstration like search and rescue from high rise buildings emergency methods of recue, first-aid, firefighting, water rescue, cultural educational functions highlighting the sacred motto “Sarbo Bhuta Hite Rata” of this organization. about the outstanding the services rendered by CDVs during the natural and manmade disasters.