Home Guards Training

All Home Guars volunteers undergo the Basic Course, Refresher Course, Advanced and Leadership training Courses in a phased manner during his/her tenure in the organization.
Selected Home Guards are also deputed to the National Civil Defene College, Nagpur,  for specialized training courses every year.

Type of training :-

The Home Guards are imparted different types of training such as; 1.Basic training, 2.Refresher training, 3. Specialized training, which includes (i) Watermanship Course (ii) Computer Training (iii) Mobile Technology (iv) Traffic Training (v) Driving Training (vi) Basic Fire Fighting Training (vii) Arms Training 4. Leadership Training 5.Training on Disaster Response etc.

The Home Guards are being imparted the aforesaid trainings at District Level Training Centers, State Level Training Centers and National Level Training Centres. Training of the Home Guards is governed by Home Guards Circular Order No. 05/2018.  

Number of Home Guards trained :-  
Home Guards are being imparted basic, refresher and specialized course of training at district level training center. However, specialized training like Watermanship Course is imparted to the Home Guards at OSWALI, Ramachandi Puri and Leadership training is imparted to them at OFDRI, Naraj, Cuttack. Home Guards are being imparted Training on Disaster Response at National Training center like NCDC, Nagpur. During – 2019, 4 (four) Nos. of Home Guards had undergone training at NCDC Nagpur, which will give impetus to their professional growth. During the year - 2019/20, a total of 1223 Home Guards have been trained on different trainings.