About Civil Defence


Civil Defence (CD) is the largest community based voluntary organisation being organised by Government. It was functioning in the country as well as in the State during World War periods. It was re-organized during the wake of Chinese aggression with the enactment of Defence of India Act, 1962. CD got the legal status with the enactment of Civil Defence Act (No.27), 1968 which came into force, throughout the country, since 10th July, 1968. Rules & Regulations framed there under. It was playing a vital role during war emergencies. Now, mandate of Civil Defence has been changed from being an organisation that only prepares citizens to face “hostile enemy attack” to include preparing citizens in responding to disasters, both “natural and manmade“. While retaining its primary role and character, Civil Defence Corps has been assigned with an additional role of Disaster Management with the amendment of CD Act in 2009.  


Civil Defence” includes any measures, not amounting to actual combat, for affording protection to any person, property, place or thing in India or any part of the territory thereof against any hostile attack, whether from air, land, sea or any other places, or, for depriving any such attack of the whole or part of its effect, whether such measures are taken before, during, at or after the time of such attack or any measure taken for the purpose of disaster management, before, during, at, or after any


  • To save life;
  • To minimize damage to property;
  • To maintain continuity of production; and

To keep up the high morale of the public.