Civil Defence Training

Training is the hallmark of Civil Defence. Various disaster response training programmes have been undertaken for the CD Volunteers especially on life saving skills and response mechanism.
CD training is conducted in three tier basis i.e. 1) Local/Town/District level, 2) State level and 3) National level.
The training of master trainers and specialised trainings are conducted at the National level training Institute/academy and ToT/team/leadership training are conducted at State level Training Institutes.
Training for general CD Volunteers are mostly conducted at Local/District level in the form of 1) Basic Training, 2) Service & Team Training, 3) Combined Training.
MOCK Drills, Public Demonstrations and Mock Exercises are also being conducted in regular intervals to upkeep efficiency of CD volunteers at highest pitch.
Combined Exercises are also being conducted occasionally in collaboration with specialised disaster Response Forces like NDRF, ODRAF, Fire Services, Police etc.
In order to inculcate espirit de corps among the members of the Organisation and to highlight the role of the organisation before general public, Civil Defence Annual cum Raising Day is being observed on 6th December every year in a befitting manner.