GOVERNMENT Notification for precaution of FP & FS measures

Government of Odisha
Home (Civil Defence) Department,



Bhubaneswar dated. the 22nd September 1997

No.1630/CD In exercise of the powers conferred by Sub-Section (1) of Section 10 of the Odisha Fire Service Act, 1993 (Odisha Act 30 of 1993) the State Government do hereby require the owners and occupiers of the following premises, which are likely to cause risk of fire, to take such precautions for fire prevention and fire safety measures as specified below namely

Nature of Premises

Precautions for fire prevention and fire safety measures to
be taken by the owners and occupiers of the buildings.

High rise buildings i.e. buildings having a height of 15 meters. and above.

1.(a) Fire Prevention and fire safety measures as provided in the National Building Code of India,1983, (Para-IV-Fire Protection arrange-ment relating to the following matters namely:-
(i) Means of Access;
(ii) Under Ground / Over Head Static Water Tanks;
(iii) Automatic Sprinkler Systems;
(iv) First Aid Hose Reels;
(v) Fire Extinguishers of BIS Certification mark;
(vi) Compartmentation;
(vii) Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm System/ manually operated/Electrical fire alarm system;
(viii) Public Address System;
(ix) Illuminated Fixit way marking sign;
(x) Alternate source of electric supply;
(xi) Fire Lifts with fireman switch;
(xii) Wet Riser Down Comer system.

     (b)In addition to the provision of Part-IV (Fire Protection) of National Building Code of India, the Director, Fire Service may prescribe suitable provisions in the buildings from fire safety and fire fighting point of view depending on the occupancy and height of buildings.

Explanation: where any building is owned or occupied by more than one person, the responsibility for providing the fire safety and fire prevention measures as per the directions of the Inspecting Fire Prevention Officer for the whole building will be shared in proportion to the area occupied or owned by individual owner or occupier as the case may be.

Factory : As defined in the Factories Act, 1948 (63 of 1948).

2.(a)There shall be provided such means of escape in case of fire and such fire fighting and precautionary measures as are prescribed in the Factories Act, 1948.

   (b)The Fire Prevention Officer, subject to the provision of the Factories Act, 1948 shall prescribe suitable fire fighting apparatus gadgets which are to be installed by the owner of the Factory, depending on the nature of the manufacturing process and consequent fire load.

       Note :-The Fire Prevention Officer within his jurisdiction, shall conduct periodical inspections of the Fire Protection arrangements made in Factories and shall record his observations. He shall serve a notice on the owner of the factory against any deviation and submit report to the licensing authority under the Factories Act 1948 with a copy to the Fire Service Directorate.

Cinema Halls including touring cinemas, Films storage houses and auditoriums as defined in the Odisha Cinemas (Regulation) Act, 1954 read with the Odisha Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1964.

3.Precautionary measures against fire hazards shall be taken as per the provisions of Odisha Cinemas (Regulation) Rules, 1964.

       Note :-Fire Prevention Officer shall verify that, the licensee complies with all the relevant rules and shall submit a report to the licensing authority indicating deviations and discrepancies if any, for the purpose of considering issue of license.

Petroleum storage.

4.(a)Storage handling, refining and blinding of petroleum Class-A, Class-B and Class-C (as defined in the Petroleum Rules, 1976) shall be provided with such fire protection measure as prescribed in the Petroleum Act, 1934 read with Petroleum Rules, 1976.

   (b)The Fire Prevention Officer may also prescribe additional precaution and . fire preventive measures depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

Premises where explosives are Manufactured, stored and displayed for sale.

5.(a)Fire Protection measures as prescribed under the provisions of Explosives Act, 1884 and Explosives Rules, 1983.

   (b)The licensee in Form 24 of the Explosives Act,1884 read with explosives substances Act,1908 and the Explosives Rules. 1983 shall have to comply with the special precautionary measures as provided in these Acts and Rules for storage, sale and display of fire work and other similar explosives, inflammable or hazardous materials.

       Note :-The Fire Prevention Officer within his local jurisdiction shall conduct periodical inspections of above mentioned hazardous premises and ensure that protective measures are taken against possible fire hazards and accordingly submit a report to the licensing authority endorsing copy to Director, Fire Service, indicating any deviations thereto

LPG bottling plants and storage houses for gas cylinders

6.(a) Manufacture, Transport, bottling and import of liquefied petroleum gas shall be governed by the provisions of the Explosives, Act,1884 read with the Gas Cylinders Rules, 1940.

    (b)The Fire Prevention Officer may also prescribe additional precautions and fire preventing measures depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

       Note :-In case of failure to comply with the precautionary measures indicated above, report to that effect shall be submitted by the Fire Prevention Officer to the licensing authority under the Indian Petroleum Act. 1934 and to the Fire Service Directorate.

Temporary structures and pendals including all structures with roofs or walls made of straw, hay, dry leaves, canvass cloth or such other inflammable materials which are not adopted for permanent or continuous, occupancy

7.(A) Instructions for Fire Safety in respect of temporary structures / pendals issued from time to time by the Govt, of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, DGCD (Fire Cell) Unit and the basic standards further co-dified in IS -8758/ 1993 under the "Recommendations for Fire Precautionary measures in construction of temporary structures and pendals.

 (B)In addition to the guidelines laid down IS-8758/1993, the following minimum standards for fire prevention and fire safety measures in respect of temporary structures / pendals shall be adhered to namely.

       (a)The height of the ceiling should not be less than (three) 3 metres;

       (b)No synthetic material should be used;

       (c)Margins of at least (three) 3 metres shall be kept on all sides away from any pre-existing walls or buildings;

       (d)No structures shall be erected beneath any live electrical wire;

       (e)The Structure shall be erected reasonably away from railway lines, electric sub-stations furnaces or other hazardous places and a minimum distance of fifteen 15 metres shall be maintained;

       (f)Adequate number of exits shall be kept on all sides of the structure and the minimum width of exit shall be 1.5 metre;

       (g)Enough spaces shall be kept for free movement within the structure;

       (h) The lighting arrangement shall be executed through a licensed electrical contractor under the supervision of an authorized Electrical Engineer of the GRIDCO / State Govt. No cable joints shall be left exposed, but shall be carefully covered with insulating tapes. If possible internal circuits shall be laid through insulated conduits;

       (i)There shall be provision for standby emergency light;

       (j) No combustible materials like wood, shavings, straw, inflammable / explosives chemicals etc shall be permitted to be stored in the vicinity;

       (k)No fire works, open flame of any kind shall be permitted in or close to the temporary structures;

       (l) Kitchen area shall be segregated by providing separation walls of non-combustible materials such as G.I Sheets, from the remaining area of the temporary structures. There shall be a minimum gap of five hundred metres between the structures and the kitchen;

       (m)Sufficient amount of water and adequate number of volunteers with equipment like sand, buckets and portable fire extinguishers shall be available to deal with fire accidents;

       (n) No combustible materials shall be used for construction. However, if this is unavoidable, the material shall be treated with fire resistant solution (as defined in IS 8758/1993);

       (o)Adequate approach ways and space shall be available around the structure for movement of fire fighting appliances and people;

       (p)All sides of the temporary structure shall be left open. At least the lower portion the side wall shall not be fixed.

       Note :-Assistance of the local Officer-ln-Charge of the Fire Station not below the rank of Station Officer shall be taken before erecting any temporary structure. Such Station Officer shall advise regarding adequate fire precautionary measures and shall issue No Objection Certificate to that effect after conducting necessary inspection of the temporary structure.

E x p l a n a t i o n.

1.“The Fire Prevention Officers” means the Director, Deputy Director, Fire Officer/ Deputy Fire Officers and Assistant Fire Officers attached to Range Fire offices / Fire Service Head Quarters / Fire Service Directorate and Station Officers of the local Fire Station.

2.“Occupier” means any person / persons who at any particular point of time is / are in actual occupation of the house / building / premises, irrespective of the ownership of the same.

3."Owner" means a person / organization / establishment who for the time being is receiving or is entitled to receive the rent of any land or building whether on his own account or on account of himself and others or as an agent, trustee, guardian or receiver or any other person who should so receive or be entitled to receive the rent if the land or building of part thereof were let out to a tenant. This also includes the Central Govt, the State Govt, and the Head of Department of Govt, of India / State Govt, under taking in respect of properties under their respective control in the State of Odisha.

4.“Premises” means any land or any building or part of a building appurtenant thereto, which is used for storing explosives, explosive substances and dangerously inflammable substances.


By Order of the Governor
S.C Hota             
Commissioner-Cum-Secretary to Govt.


     Memo No.1631/CD

Dated 22.09.1997

      Copy forwarded to All Departments of Govt. / Heads of Departments / All District Magistrates and Collectors / All Superintendent of Police for information and necessary action.

Deputy Secretary to Govt.




     Memo No.4522/FS


         Copy forwarded to the Fire Officer, Odisha. Cuttack / Fire Officer (Principal) OFSTI, Bhubaneswar / Dy. Fire Officer, SR Berhampur / Dy. Fire Officer, NR. Sambalpur / AFO, CR. Cuttack / All Os.l.C of Fire Stations for information and necessary action.

        As per provision of the Notification, suitable instruction should be issued to all functionaries of Fire Service to carry out their instructions and submit their reports to all concerned including BDA / CDA with regard to construction of high rise buildings.


Addl. D.G of Police, Fire Service,