[Section -4 (1)(b)(iii)]

Sl. No. Activity Level of Action Time frame
1 The grievance related application received through personal hearing  Acted upon promptly and after due enquiry, necessary follow up action is taken  
2 Application for appointment under Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme in respect of family members of deceased Fire Service employee received. Processed and decisions taken thereon when all formalities are completed subject to availability of vacancies and clearance of Government.  
3 As regards channels of supervision and accountability following chart explains the same in respect of applications / reports received.    
4 Purchase of Clothing, Equipment, Vehicles & Computers.    Purchase (T) GeM / Open Tender / EP&M rate contract firms observing all the formalities laid down in OGFR  
5 Designing of course (Basic, induction and specialized) modules. Home Guards are being imparted different types of training as per  Home Guards Circular order No. 05/2018.       
6 Organizing Conferences, Symposium Seminars First Conference of Home Guards officers was held on 19.02.2018 Annually